10 Cleaning Hacks to Clean Smarter, Not Harder

Looking to save time and energy while cleaning? Use our cleaning hacks to clean smarter, not harder.

Cleaning takes a lot of time and energy and there are always other tasks that require our attention. That’s why it’s important to clean smarter instead of harder. This means cleaning efficiently without cutting corners so that you can enjoy a clean home with less effort. Start using these 10 cleaning hacks to clean smarter, not harder and take back your energy.

Clear Clutter Before Cleaning

Before cleaning a room, look around and pick up any clutter on the floor or countertops. Clearing items out of the way will make it easier to clean every area in the home. This cleaning hack is especially helpful when cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, and floors. 

Make sure everything has a home so it’s easier to tidy up next time. Keep looking for ways to keep your home clutter free.

Clean “Wet Areas” First

Wet areas refer to the kitchen and bathrooms. These areas tend to take the most time to clean which is why you should tackle them first when you have the most energy.

Follow the One-Touch Rule

The one-touch rule is simple: if you pick something up, don’t put it back down until you’ve dealt with it. Make sure to take it to its designated place or room. Here are some examples:

  • Hang up clothes or put them into a hamper before they end up on the floor.
  • Don’t put dirty dishes in the sink. Either put them in the dishwasher or wash them immediately.
  • File or toss any papers after reading them.
  • Place a donation box in your garage to keep any items you no longer need. Once it’s full, it’s time to donate.

Clean Floors Last

The best rule to follow is to clean from top to bottom. After cleaning up high and wiping all of the surfaces in your home, the dust and crumbs will settle on the floor. Cleaning the floor last ensures that the rest of the dirt is picked up and you can rest easy with a clean home.

Pay Close Attention to High-Traffic Areas

Take some time to think about high-traffic areas in your home and make a list to clean them more frequently. Some high traffic areas may include: front doormat, stairs, mudroom, or kitchen.

Combine Cleaning Tasks

To save time cleaning, look for similar tasks that you can complete at the same time. For example, if you’re already washing or vacuuming the floor, take some time to clean the baseboards. Another idea is to clean windows and blinds at the same time so that dirt and dust isn’t left on the one that isn’t cleaned. 

To find other cleaning tasks to combine, take a moment to look around the room and see what you can complete together.

Buy a Soap Dispenser Brush for Bathrooms

Soap dispensing brushes are not only great for dishes but also for bathrooms. Make sure to buy a separate one that you can keep in the shower. Simply fill it up with your favorite cleaner or dish soap and scrub your shower more efficiently. This cleaning hack is especially useful for getting rid of build up in the shower.

Use Rubber Gloves for Pet Hair

Four-legged friends in the home means hair will accumulate on surfaces. Rubber gloves are an easy solution since they attract hair. Simply put on rubber gloves and run them over the fabric, the rubber will cause hair to gather into a ball that’s easy to throw away. 

Vacuum the Right Way

If you want to clean efficiently, make sure you’re vacuuming the right way. Prepare beforehand by picking up any toys or clutter from the floor. Start by vacuuming horizontally and then vertically, this will ensure that all of the dirt is picked up.

It’s also a good idea to vacuum slowly so that no dirt particles are left behind. For hard to reach areas, invest in a vacuum with a longer extension cord.

Create a Deep Cleaning Plan

It’s important to establish a plan for deep cleaning that is separate from regular chores. This is the time to look at all areas of the home and make sure every corner is clean. Start in high areas, and move your way down. For example, clean cabinets up high and then the stove to clean anything that falls from above. Make sure to add wiping down door frames, light switches, baseboards, and walls to your deep cleaning list.

With these cleaning hacks, you’re on your way to a cleaner home. If you need any help with additional cleaning, get a free quote today!