10 Common Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Looking for a smarter way to clean? Read these 10 common cleaning mistakes and how to avoid them.

It’s easy to get caught up in a cleaning routine that checks everything off of the chore list without thinking twice about it. However, some cleaning habits may do more harm than good. Take time to pause and think about how to change and improve your routine to be more efficient. Consider each of these 10 common cleaning mistakes and make sure to avoid them while cleaning!

1. Cleaning From Bottom to Top

Cleaning from bottom to top should be avoided because starting from the bottom (the ground) makes it impossible to clean dirt and dust effectively. Dust will naturally fall from higher surfaces to lower ones as you clean. Starting from the top ensures that you won’t have to re-clean lower surfaces. 

An example of cleaning top to bottom is starting with dusting up high, wiping down surfaces, and then cleaning the floor.

2. Not Cleaning Under Furniture

It’s easy to clean around furniture rather than taking extra effort to move it out of the way. However, it’s important to clean under furniture at least once a month to prevent build up of dust underneath. You can use a long vacuum tool to reach underneath or move the furniture out of the way to clear the dust. 

3. Using Disinfecting Wipes on Dirty Surfaces

Did you know that using a disinfecting wipe on a dirty surface won’t clean it properly? Cleaning and disinfecting are two separate tasks, a disinfecting wipe should be used after cleaning the surface. 

Use a cloth with soap and water to wipe the dirty surface and then follow with a disinfecting wipe to sanitize and disinfect the area.

4. Forgetting to Clean and Dry the Toilet Brush

Toilet brushes are full of bacteria for obvious reasons and should be cleaned regularly. Once a month, place the brush into a cup of white vinegar and then allow it to dry completely before storing it. You can use the toilet seat to hold the brush in place while it dries. To keep the brush from accumulating extra bacteria, always dry after each use.

5. Rubbing Carpet Stains

When spills happen on the carpet, it’s easy to go straight to rubbing it with a towel. Rubbing will only push the mess in deeper and help it spread. Instead, gently blot the stain with a cloth or paper towel before treating.

6. Ignoring Walls

It’s easy to forget about cleaning the walls in your home. Rather than letting dust, stains, or dirt stay on the wall, take time to regularly wipe walls from top to bottom. Use soapy water to spot clean and then wipe the entire wall from ceiling to floor to prevent streaks and uneven wear.

7. Using Bleach Frequently

Bleach is too harsh for most cleaning and should be reserved for strong bacteria and viruses. It should always be diluted and never mixed with other cleaners. Use gentle cleaners such as soap and water to clean everyday surfaces.

8. Neglecting the Shower Curtain

The shower gets used frequently and the curtain(s) should be washed monthly to reduce germs in the bathroom. For fabric shower curtains, follow directions on the tag to wash in the washing machine. For a plastic liner, wash it in diluted vinegar in the bathtub. Use a cloth to wipe down both sides and let it dry before reattaching to the curtain rod.

9. Overloading the Dishwasher

Too many dishes or utensils leads to overcrowding and your dishwasher won’t be able to clean properly. To avoid overloading the dishwasher, leave space between items so water can flow freely. Alternate small and large plates, and spoons and forks. Place the dirtiest part of the dishes down so it gets sprayed directly. Each of these tips will ensure that your dishes get the best clean.

10. Forgetting to Clean Drains and Disposals

Drains and disposals can quickly leave strong smells throughout the home if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Depending on the type of garbage disposal you have, there are several ways to clean it. For drains in the kitchen, boiling water can help clear it out. In bathrooms, look to see if the plug disconnects from your sink and take it out to clean with a toothbrush. Paying attention to build up in sinks will leave your home cleaner.

Avoiding these 10 common cleaning mistakes can save you time and give you a cleaner home. If you need any help cleaning your home, give us a call today! Our cleaning technicians are trained to clean from top to bottom and will leave your home sparkling.