6 Ways to Keep your Home Clutter Free

Feeling stuck in a spiral of clutter? Take back your home with 6 ways to keep your home clutter free. 

Let’s face it, life is busy and clutter is bound to build up. It can be intimidating to look around and see clutter in several corners of the home. Breaking clutter down into manageable tasks will help you transform your home. Just 10 minutes every day means less clutter, less stress, and less stuff. It’s the perfect place to start! 

Check out these 6 ways to keep your home clutter free for specific ideas.

Follow the “One in, two out” Rule

The “one in, two out” rule means that for every new item brought home, two items need to be removed. Following this rule is a great way to avoid having too much stuff in your home.

Keep Flat Surfaces Clear

A home always looks a lot cleaner when all the flat surfaces are clutter free. Keep counters and floors clear and you will notice a big difference. Only keep one or two decorative items on countertops. Make it a daily habit to clear all surfaces at least once a day.

Limit Storage Space

More storage is not always better. When it comes to clutter, it is important to limit storage space so that you don’t accumulate too much stuff. Make the hard choice, if it doesn’t fit in the limited storage space you have available, get rid of it. Avoid trying to make more storage space to accommodate it.

Everything Needs a Home

Anything that keeps ending up on the counter is a clear sign that it doesn’t have a home. Find a spot for it by thinking of a place that has similar items so it’s easy to locate when you need it. To keep everything in its place, make it a habit to put anything in your hands away immediately.

Change Habits

Clutter doesn’t magically appear, it happens because you or someone else put that item there. Take time to reflect on what habits you have that create clutter. Examples: impulse buying, too many items, no designated home, irregular cleaning habits, or other distractions. Pick a habit and then focus on it for a month and replace it with a habit that will reduce clutter.

Schedule Time to Declutter

Decluttering leads to instant results but it can build back up quickly. It is important to perform clutter maintenance and schedule time to declutter. Put a reminder in your phone to declutter once a week, once a month, or every few months. Find a schedule that works for you.

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Let us know how the 30 day clutter challenge went for you and your family!