7 Tips for a Clean Home During Summer

Need fresh ideas for summer cleaning? Beat the heat with 7 tips for a clean home during summer!

Summer is here which means more family time and more fun! However, having everyone out of school can leave your home feeling messier than before. If you’re looking for some ideas to keep your home fresh during warm summer months, check out our 7 tips for a clean home this summer.

  1. Spend Time Outside

The more time spent outdoors, means a cleaner home. Summer is a great time to encourage outdoor activities and play games outside. Take some time to be in nature, explore parks in the area, and find recreational activities outside of the home.

  1. Involve Everyone

Ever heard one of your kids tell you they are bored? Make sure they always have something to do during summertime and make a list of cleaning activities. Delegate weekly or even daily tasks to everyone in the family so they can help keep the house clean. You can even place a clutter basket with toys, clothes, or other items that need to be put away and have your children empty it each day.

  1. Immediately Clean Messes

Rather than waiting until the end of the day, it’s a good idea to tackle messes right away. Itll be much easier to clean immediately rather than later on. Tackling one mess as it happens means they won’t pile up throughout the day and you will feel less overwhelmed.

  1. Make Laundry a Priority

When summer rolls around, it’s easy to find laundry everywhere on the floor. To avoid laundry becoming a large problem, be sure to clear laundry into baskets on a daily basis. This is a great chore for kids to do each morning or evening. Depending on your family size, determine if a daily wash of laundry is helpful or select specific days dedicated to laundry each week.

Staying on top of laundry makes it easier to manage and keeps the floor clutter free.

  1. Control Clutter

Clutter on counters or the floor quickly makes a house feel dirty. Take time each day to put away items into their proper storage space. We also have an extensive guide to conquering clutter for extra tips.

  1. Wash Bedding Frequently

Hot summer months means sheets and blankets need to be washed more frequently. It’s recommended at least every 2 weeks, or even more in a hot climate like St. George. Keep bacteria and dust away from your bedrooms this summer and throw your bedding into the washer.

  1. Stick to a Schedule

The most important rule to follow with summer cleaning is to create a schedule and stick to it. 

Choose a schedule that works best for you and your family, whether it’s a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly schedule.

Make Summer Cleaning a Priority

Prioritizing cleaning in summertime gives everyone the gift of a clean home. Set aside time each day to clear away clutter and dirt. Set clear rules for family members to help keep the house clean.

If you need any additional help cleaning this summer, contact us today! We are always happy to help with any cleaning needs.