How to Mop Your Floors the Right Way

Do your floors still look dirty after mopping? Our tips on how to mop your floors the right way will fix the problem!

While mopping is a fairly straightforward task, it can be frustrating when you spend time and energy mopping and still end up with floors that look dirty. There are several key steps on how to mop your floors the right way.

Prepare the Floor

First off, it’s important to prepare the floor before mopping. Take a broom or a vacuum to your floor to pick up all the loose dirt and debris. You can even take a second sweep of the floor with a swiffer mop or a vacuum to make sure it’s ready for your mop. We also suggest pre-treating any large or sticky spots beforehand.

Damp Mop is Best

If you want to leave your floors spotless, avoid using an overly wet mop. Try to achieve a damp mop head so that streaks and water stains aren’t left behind.

Follow Directions

Did you know there are proper directions to follow when mopping your floors? To avoid stepping on newly mopped floors, start from one end of the room and work backward. If you are using a sponge mop, make sure you clean in straight lines. With a hardwood floor, mop with the grain of your floor.

With a string or rag mop, it’s a good idea to clean in a figure 8 pattern to take advantage of the mop design.

Cleaning Frequency

Having two different types of mops works best if you want to maintain spotless floors. You can use a swiffer style mop for daily cleanings and focus on deep cleans once a week with a higher quality mop and cleaning solution.

To keep your floors in pristine condition, set up an annual floor cleaning with a professional company. They will have the proper equipment to remove deeper dirt in the floors and grout.

The Better Home Cleaning Way

Before sweeping or mopping floors, it’s always a good idea to clean the counters first. That way you clear any crumbs or build up from the counters onto the floor before they are cleaned so you don’t have to clean twice. Our cleaning technicians then start with sweeping, vacuuming, or using a swiffer to get all the loose build up. It lays the groundwork before mopping so we can ensure they are cleaned effectively and correctly.

We take the time to mop bathroom floors by hand to ensure they are clean. It also makes it easier to clean the baseboards while we’re already on ground level. With a lot of hard work we can get your floors sparkling again.

Let us know your favorite mopping tips in the comments below. If you would rather skip the hard work of mopping your floors, give us a call!