5 Effective Tips to Organize Your Pantry

When it comes to pantries, they could all use a little help and organization. With 5 effective tips to organize your pantry, you can have the tidy pantry you’ve been dreaming of!

In a house, the kitchen is the most used and most frequently cleaned space. It’s constantly being used to prepare meals or eat snacks. Between grocery trips, kids, and other responsibilities, it’s easy for pantries to get disorganized.

Use my favorite pantry tips and tricks to get your pantry organized today!

Clear the Shelves

The first step in organizing your pantry is to clear all the shelves so you can clean. You can even use an all natural solution of baking soda and warm water to simultaneously clean and deodorize the pantry.

Now you can add or replace shelf liners to keep the shelves free of crumbs and potential damage.

Check All The Dates

When we take the time to clean, it’s important that expired items don’t find their way back into the pantry. Clear up some space and check all the expiration dates so you can toss it if needed. I even suggest checking less obvious items like baking soda, olive oil, flour, and spices.

Group Items

When you organize all the food items into groups, it’s a lot easier to find what you need. Keep heavy objects at eye level so you don’t have to worry about reaching on a high shelf and potentially dropping it.

Group snacks, canned goods, pasta, cereal, and any other groups of food in their own section of the pantry. I promise it makes it so much easier to keep it clean this way!

Organize the Space

Take a moment to look at your pantry and plan out how you want to arrange everything. Ask yourself what items you use the most so they are easily accessible. Buy some storage containers and move pasta, cereal, flour or any other items into them to maintain freshness and space. 

Loose food can be placed in airtight containers. I suggest using clear containers so you can easily see what’s inside.

If you need more space to put your food, look into organizers that go on the wall or over the door. 

Regularly Tidy your Pantry

Now that you’ve organized your pantry, the most important tip is to regularly tidy it up. It’s a lot more efficient for you to maintain cleanliness throughout the year rather than waiting for a big deep clean.

Plus regular cleans will ensure that everything you need is in the right place!

Give our 5 effective tips to clean your pantry today and let us know how it helped in the comments! If you’d like to set up regular cleanings in your home, get a free quote today.