10 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips

When it comes time for spring cleaning, it can be hard to know where to start. With our top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips you’ll have everything you need to be successful!

Springtime is just around the corner which means it’s time to give your home some extra care! Spring Cleaning looks different for everyone, whether it’s a weekend long event or a couple hours to freshen up your home, a few tips will make it go much smoother. I’ve rounded up the top 12 Best Spring Cleaning Tips to make this year your most productive yet!

Go through your “junk drawer”.

If you’re like me, then everything except the kitchen sink ends up in our junk drawer. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to have it organized. Empty out the drawer and clean out any dust or crumbs. Now you can see what’s inside your junk drawer and toss or relocate any items that don’t belong. 

Clean your mattress.

Now is the perfect time to pay attention to what’s under the sheets and clean your mattress. One of our spring cleaning tips for mattresses is to start by vacuuming in the crevices of your mattress and then sanitize with a disinfectant spray.

Give your washer and dryer a refresh.

The best part about this spring cleaning tip is that it’s fast and easy. Simply add some bleach to your washer and turn it onto the special washer cleaning cycle. Easy right! To refresh your dryer, take out the filter and grab your vacuum. Attach a crevice tool and try to get the hard to reach lint out. You can vacuum around and behind the dryer as well.

Change your point of view.

We are all in a hurry in our day to day lives so it’s easy to miss the dirtiest spots in your house. Take a moment to sit on the floor or stand on a chair to see what you notice.

Your dishwasher is your cleaning best friend.

Let me tell you a secret, your dishwasher can clean more than just dishes! Your dishwasher can tackle the cleaning of small plastic trash cans, plastic hair brushes or combs (remove hair first), pet dishes, sponges and brushes, plastic toys without batteries, fridge shelves, vacuum cleaner attachments and much more. This year, let your dishwasher do the cleaning for you!

Clean ceiling fans with old pillowcases.

Ceiling fans are like a giant magnet for dust. One of our best spring cleaning tips is to use an old pillowcase to clear off all the dust. Simply place the pillowcase over one blade at a time. Keep it on the blade while you use a damp rag to wipe the dust. The pillowcase will catch all the dust and keep it from getting your floor dirty.

Use microfiber cloths.

Skip paper towels and use microfiber cloths when you clean your home this year. Its a sure way to help mother earth and your wallet. Microfiber towels trap all the dirt and they can be reused and cleaned after each use.

Clean your oven without harsh chemicals.

When it comes to cleaning the oven, I always avoid using harsh chemicals and I look for the easiest way to clean it. I recommend mixing baking soda, white vinegar, and water in an oven safe bowl to form a paste. Then you can spread it evenly throughout your oven and leave the bowl of leftover paste on the bottom. Let the mixture bake for 45 minutes at 220 degrees. Wait for the oven to cool and wipe away the mess with a sponge. Easy and effortless!

Freshen up your microwave with lemon.

Squeeze the lemon into a small cup with a bit of vinegar. Turn the microwave on for two minutes and keep it closed for at least one minute after it finishes. Then wipe down the inside with a damp cloth. It’s the easiest way to clean your microwave!

Use grapefruit to cut through soap scum.

Citrus is your best friend when it’s time for spring cleaning. Cut a grapefruit in half and pour a layer of salt on top. Then you can rub the grapefruit on the affected area. The combination of salt and citric acid will power through the soap scum.

Now you can conquer spring cleaning with our 10 Spring Cleaning tips! Please let us know which tip was your favorite in the comments below.