How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Are you ready to make your house smell better? Use our 8 effective tips to know how to keep your home smelling fresh.

Houses are full of smells that change each day or linger for too long. It can be a struggle to pinpoint where it’s coming from or find the perfect solution. Luckily, there are several things you can start doing now that will transform the smell in your home and make a big difference. Our 8 effective tips will teach you how to keep your home smelling fresh!

Simmer lemon rinds.

Each time you use a lemon for cooking, make sure to keep them so your house can smell fresh!

Simply place them in a giant pot, fill it up with water, and let them simmer on low. Simmering for a few hours will leave your whole house with a beautiful lemon scent. Who knew a fresh smelling home could be so easy!

Vinegar is your best friend.

Ever cooked a dinner that leaves your whole house smelling strange? Remove the greasy smell by leaving out a glass of vinegar overnight. You’ll rest easy knowing your whole kitchen will be smelling fresh in the morning.

What if the vinegar smell lingers? No need to worry about it sticking around because vinegar will soak up the bad odor and absorb the smells without staying behind.

Clean your garbage disposal.

If there is a stinky smell sticking around in your kitchen make sure to check your garbage disposal. You can easily get rid of odor by dropping a small amount of lemon-scented dish soap down the disposal, run water, and turn the disposal on. If that doesn’t take it all away, pour ½ cup of baking soda into the garbage disposal while running water. 

You can also find commercial disposal cleaners at your local store.

Give your trash can a refresh.

With everything that gets thrown into the trash, it’s not surprising that your trash can needs a little love to smell good again. An easy trick is to sprinkle baking soda into the trash liner each time you change it. Or you can buy a deodorizing pod or pack to put below the trash liner.

It’s also a good idea to wash both sides of the lid and around the rim to get any left over food or build up. Then spray with some disinfectant and your trash can is good as new!

Add plants and flowers.

Plants and flowers not only keep your home looking beautiful but they leave your home smelling great. Bringing the outside in helps clean the air. Buy some jasmin, eucalyptus, or gardenias to give off pleasant fragrances in your home.

As long as you care for them properly, plants and flowers will beautify and purify your home!

Use dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets work great in dryers and throughout your home. Simply place one in closets, dressers, or other small spaces that need refreshing. It will keep you and your clothes smelling fresh wherever you go!

Get rid of musty towel smells.

Towels can leave a lingering odor in your home. Luckily it’s easy to remove the smell with some vinegar and water. Just soak them overnight in a tub with some hot water and a cup or two of vinegar. The next day, you can run them like normal. The musty smell will be gone!

Burn candles or use wax melts.

Candles are an easy way to make any room smell better. There are always a lot of fragrance options to fit the smell you want in your home. If you don’t want an open flame candle, buy a wax melt warmer. It melts the wax with a lightbulb and once again they have a ton of scent options.

Let us know which tip you used to keep your home smelling fresh! If you want a fresh smelling home without the hassle, call us to schedule a cleaning. Our cleaning products will leave your home smelling amazing long after we leave!